[19 years] [Japanese-Latino descent ][birthday 21/12 - ) ][my Art Style changes every 5 minutes][dont repost my art pls ] feel free to talk~~ hablo español :) 楽しみ!!
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i-am-the-amber-creature: I'll love the new hairstyle you look so gorgeous :3 xx

thank you so muuuch!!! :) xoxo <333

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oh my god
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もり || ✓
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emiyume: I'm totally in love with your new haircut ! I cut my hair one year ago even shorter and it's one of the best choice I ever made. You rock it, girl !

THANK YOU!!!! I was not sure about cutting my hair short, but now I love it! I dont know why I didnt before

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my family when they saw my new haircut:
Dad : ........
Mom: why so short??!! oh jisus, you look like a boy!!
lil brother: you're a boy
lil sister: now you became a tomboy, right?
Grandma: ....you're asexual?
Big (Gay) brother: ....you look so damn hot
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I tried Т_Т guys. I really need to draw more -_-
omg. my dear RIREN  ( ̄ε ̄@)
music: Nine Inch Nails – Closer
рисовал около четырех часов :3 но так было здорово
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My fashion design AU prompt made me want to draw Eren in street clothes, and one thing led to another. I didn’t know which blog to post to,  orz, but well, have an Eren. 
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Wow, get a room you two.
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humanitys-most-sarcastic: Absolutely gorgeous<3 I hardly recognized you but you seriously rock that style. You're slaying it ;)

oh my, thank you very much, I really feel flattered!. I was not sure to cut my hair too short, but I really liked the result!!

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World End - Flow
Jul 28th
dreamfulartist: i think it's time for you to modelllllll girl your new haircut is killer!!

i’m too short to be a model (5’3 “)
i tell you, i’m look like fem! levi!!!!