[19 years] [Japanese-Latino descent ][birthday 21/12 - ) ][my Art Style changes every 5 minutes][dont repost my art pls ] feel free to talk~~ hablo español :) 楽しみ!!
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just hit play -
Sep 16th
Anonymous: Omg do you have that audio Of eren and Levi having sex?!

whuuut, what audioo???!!!!

i-idk what are you talking about!

asdgfasdsa, i dont have nothing!!

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Anonymous: keep yo flawless art coming and consider yo self forgiven u _ u

omg baby come here, i want to hug youu !!! <33333
sorry !! ;v;) u know, sometimes I draw too bad, just nothing comes
it’s just practice, and see much anime XD, and read a lot of manga, and see absolutely every detail in every move they make
well at least I learned like this

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Anonymous: well fuck you! your 'work in progress' looks better than all my art altogether

UUUGHHHH!!! i dont believe youuuu

forgive meeeee (?)

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hana-tox replied to your post: Erin is a cute name imo. part 1





eren shall embark on a quest to achieve true booby

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Can we please just agree on one little thing

The fact that it is proven and explicitly stated that Levi is not small

He is short, yes

But he is not small or tiny or petite or cute

He is extremely muscular and physically scarier than your Uncle Bob’s jack-o-lanterns on Halloween

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morning: no
afternoon: no
evening: no
night: maybe
Sep 13th
Anonymous: What's a wip?

Means Work in Progress
 artists usually placed when a job is not yet finished, is a kind of “advancement” :)

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why dat ereri punk  post has so many notes?

is just a wip omfg!!!!

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aahaha i have no excuse
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"What are you looking at?"
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Kaneki doesn’t deserve all this……

he just wanted a normal date with a cute girl he didn’t ask for this shit.