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* Year 2053*

me: * I, sitting on the porch in my rocking chair, looking into the distance * I remember when we lost the wall maria by the Titans ...
grandchildren: ....
grandchildren : grandma, that never actually happened.....
grandchildren: you're confusing reality with anime again!!
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the-kingy: Yuka, your face should be illegal. *Steals you and takes you home*

you face is that it should be illegal
  I already have enough trouble with the police * yaayy! now we are together! *

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Soul Eater crossover featuring Levi’s Squad ;)
Levi always reminded me of Kid.

EDIT: Armin as Crona~
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rivaille-corps: thats kinda got to do with weird translations, though? danchou is like the head of an faction, heichou is lieutenant or lance corporal. so it was translated without regard for actual military rankings and more to do with what sounded cool (ie commander is a naval rank, not one for armed forces).

oh, ok,  I understand, but it is not a bad translation: heichou in japan is used only in novels, is a fictional title used to refer to the “captain or corporal” in a military division, but is not actually used in the army
heichichou or heishichou is the real name used in the Japanese military army

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you knew that the rank of captain is higher than that of commander…..

dats mean…..

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